Medical translation


Medical and pharmaceutical documents contain a lot of very important and precise information and are often based on European and international regulations. They are required to inform readers and thus guarantee safe usage. You are entitled to expect an accurate and carefully prepared translation using the correct medical and official terminology.

Thanks to our range of experienced medical translators and efficient terminology management, we are able to deliver correct medical translations prepared with the greatest precision and that are in line with the applicable regulations.

Our approach to medical translations

Quality begins with a thorough analysis.

Every translation project is carefully analysed and prepared, so that the necessary attention can be devoted to the specialised nature of the text and to the layout (uneditable pictures, access to flow charts, etc.)

Passionate native speaker medical translators

A medical translation is prepared by a translator (and wherever possible always the same translator) who has a (recognised) higher education degree (in translation and/or medical field) and at least 5 years' experience in translating medical documents. Our medical translators have the necessary know-how in a wide variety of specialisations.

All our translations are revised and proofread.

Before a translation is sent to the client, it is carefully revised by an experienced editor, who checks for correct interpretation, grammar, spelling, terminology, style, layout, etc.

Every medical translation is supported by company-specific medical terminology that is in line with sectoral regulations, thanks to our translation memories or technical glossaries.

Reference materials (such as a terminology list, technical standards, applicable legislation, etc.) are consulted and used for the translation.

A thorough follow-up is a firm commitment on our part.

At AKIRA, quality control does not stop with the delivery of the translation. We are happy to receive your feedback so that for subsequent projects we can meet your expectations even more fully.

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Medical documents that we have translated
for our clients

  • Information leaflets for medication
  • Instructions for use of medical devices
  • Medical software
  • Clinical studies
  • Workbooks for medical training

AKIRA Translations has a long history of
working with companies in the medical sector,

  • Producers and manufacturers of medical devices and aids
  • Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical producers and manufacturers
  • Producers and manufacturers of health products
  • Medical research centres