Our team

The AKIRA Translations team consists of young and dynamic colleagues who share a passion for languages.
So who is behind the translations? Meet our team.



Founder and driving force

Isabel is a dynamic manager with tons of energy. This entrepreneur with a positive attitude really enjoys driving the business forward and inspiring people.

She combines her passion for entrepreneurship, a hunger to deliver results and an aptitude for building relationships with a strong interest in other cultures and travelling in nature.



Operations Manager

The language industry holds few secrets for Lieven. With several language diplomas and extensive experience as an editor, project manager, translation software specialist and operations manager, he has built up over 15 years of expertise.

Lieven's skills in setting up and optimising workflows within a growing translation agency make him an indispensable team member at AKIRA Translations.



Senior Project Manager

Organising, finding solutions, active engagement in a crucible of languages and nationalities - that is where Caroline feels most at home. With over 10 years' experience in the translation sector, she has come to know all the ins and outs of the trade. Caroline knows better than anyone how to reconcile tight deadlines with the highest linguistic quality.

No matter how busy it gets, Caroline is convinced that quality comes before everything else. She sees to it that all her clients' linguistic concerns are dispelled - the appreciation she receives from her clients as a result is truly impressive.



Senior Project Manager

Liesbeth Beelen: helpful project manager, wonderful colleague, language buff. Thanks to her extensive experience as a project manager as well as a translator, Liesbeth is in her element at AKIRA Translations. Her organisational talent, linguistic skills, extremely friendly attitude and helpfulness have ensured that she is a project manager clients love to work with.

In her free time, Liesbeth is a passionate city and museum guide, an occupation that allows her to pass on her love for culture to others.



Senior translator and reviser

In December 2014, Alexandra said 'yes' to a job as translator and reviser at AKIRA Translations. Why does she love this field? Because he is thrilled to be working with foreign languages. The variety appeals to her. One moment she is engrossed in an advertising text and the next in a technical manual.

A translation should not read or feel like a translation, and that is of course the greatest challenge. Persevering until both language and content are just right, and within a tight deadline: you can be sure that this keeps her on her toes!



Senior translator and reviser

Translation is really David's thing. He is a specialist in translating Dutch and English texts into French, and he revises translations by our freelancers. This revision stage is very important, since even the best translator can make a mistake now and then. Not only does he check whether the text is correct in terms of grammar and spelling, but he also reviews the translation to ensure the source text has been correctly interpreted.

Every client has his or her own language, which the translation must respect. In his free time, David enjoys Japanese anime and comic books. We are also proud to be able to say that David belongs to the 2014 national iaido (Japanese martial art) team.



Senior translator, editor and desktop publisher

Eva has a keen interest and passion for language, and has been a valued member of the AKIRA Translations team since August 2015. She enjoys the variety of her job as she gets to work on texts covering all sorts of domains. One moment, she will be putting her creative flair to good use for advertising translation, the next she’ll be researching terminology to ensure technical accuracy. Eva combines this keen eye for language with a passion for graphic design. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are her favourite playgrounds.

Our translation and graphic design team

Thanks to our strong selection process, we have developed an extensive team of more than 500 freelance translators and revisers.

As native speakers with a (recognised) higher education degree and at least 5 years' translation experience in a particular sector they are the ideal linguists for all your projects.

Our DTP specialists and graphic designers work on all platforms and in the most advanced programmes such as adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Adobe FrameMaker. They are best placed to know what you expect and transform every document into a calling card suited to your business.