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As a result of strict quality control, our careful attention to cost effectiveness and our personal service, we have become the ideal partner for countless national and international organisations.

Professional translations

A wide range of languages, specialities and file formats available

What makes a good translation?
A good translation is one that preserves and conveys your message, style and identity in every language.

We translate your documents with great care:

  • in the most common languages (including all Western and Northern European languages and the languages of emerging markets, such as the Far East and Eastern Europe).
  • on subjects from numerous sectors such as industry, IT, medical, financial and legal sectors, management, HR, marketing and communications, etc.
  • in a great many file formats and applications, such as MS Office, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML and HTML.

DTP and printing

Would you like to give multilingual documents a fresh look?

AKIRA Translations can handle the wide range of layout and printing services.
Our expert designers are wonderfully creative and inventive, and transform every document into a calling card suited to your business.


Call upon AKIRA Translations’ interpreters and make an impression at your (inter)national events, conferences and meetings.

Our interpreters are experienced multilingual specialists who transmit your message and style correctly into the target language. Read more about our interpreting service.