According to our clients, unrivalled customer service is AKIRA Translations’ strongest asset.

At AKIRA Translations we aim to satisfy our client’s needs. This extends beyond simply translating your texts. We offer our clients an all-in package.

Single point of contact

We assign a project manager who coordinates and follows up all your translation projects from A to Z. This project manager is your single point of contact. He/she is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage our clients to give as much feedback as possible. This allows us to tailor our translations (with regard to terminology and style) to our clients’ requirements.

All file formats and identical layout

Your brochures in InDesign? Your website in XML? A technical manual in Word?
The combination of translation software and the expertise of our graphic designers enables us to retain the layout of your documents and corporate style. No more copying and pasting. We guarantee a translation in the same file format and with the same layout as the source document. Your translated documents are ready for your presentation, ready to be published, sent to the printer or added to your website.

Additional DTP or printing is possible

Do you want your documentation (brochures, newsletters, annual report, etc.) to look innovative, young and stylish?

Our experienced graphic designers, with a nose for innovation and style, can help you create a beautiful layout for all your multilingual documentation.
AKIRA Translations also helps you print your documents.