Asian and African translation

Our Asian and African translations

  • Chinese translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Korean translation
  • Vietnamese translation
  • Arabic translation
  • Turkish translation

Every translation provided by AKIRA Translations means creating a document that does not feel like a translation. You expect your foreign language speaking clients, employees or suppliers to be able to read your translated documents in such a way that the message, style and identity in each foreign language has the same impact as the original.

Our selection of experienced translators and our consistent terminology management play an important role in achieving this goal and are an integral part of our translation process.

Our approach to translations

Translation by a native speaker translator

All our translators hold a (recognised) higher educationdegree (in translation and/or in a specialised field) and have at least 5 years' experience in translating documents in the subject area of your text.

Careful revision by a second native speaker linguist

This linguist thoroughly reviews the translation alongside the source text, checking the grammar, spelling, interpretation, terminology and style.

Every translation is supported by company-specific terminology, thanks to our translation memories or glossaries.

A thorough follow-up is a firm commitment on our part.

At AKIRA, quality control does not stop with the delivery of the translation. We are happy to receive your feedback so that for subsequent projects we can meet your expectations even more fully.

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