Our translations are characterised by thorough quality control in every aspect of our translation process.

Talented native speaker translators and revisers

Our translator database consists of a worldwide network of talented translators who only translate into their native language and who meet the following criteria:

  • A recognised higher education degree in translation
  • At least two years of documented experience translating
  • Specialised in a specific domain
  • Use of SDL Trados Studio or another CAT tool that is compatible with SDL Trados Studio
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Translations in your jargon and corporate style

Whether it be technical manuals, annual reports, sales brochures, internal documents or websites, companies attach great importance to their documentation. The content must be correct, the tone and style of the text must be appropriate and the document’s layout must be perfect. At AKIRA Translations we share your concern. Translation is more than simply converting words into other words. It is our mission to seamlessly convert your message and style into any language.

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Advanced translation software – SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio allows us to save all your translated sentences in a translation memory. This memory is used for future translation assignments. This guarantees consistency in all your documents and allows us to deliver the translations faster and at a better price.

Every sector has its own jargon, every company its own terminology. Thanks to the SDL Trados tools for terminology management we create industry-specific and customer-specific glossaries. Your company-specific lexicon is stored in a database, which is then used by our translators and revisers for each assignment, thereby guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Thorough follow-up is sacred to us

For AKIRA Translations, quality control doesn’t stop when we deliver the translation. We encourage all our customers to have the translations checked by a native speaker in the company or by a branch or representative abroad. We are always happy to receive feedback. It enables us to meet your expectations even better during subsequent projects.