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Translating and updating your multilingual documents in the field of management and HR means ensuring that your message, style and identity are preserved and transmitted in every language. Our selection of experienced management & HR translators and our terminology management play an important role in this process and are an integral part of our translation process.

Our approach to management and HR translations

Quality begins with a thorough analysis.

Every translation project is carefully analysed and prepared, so that the necessary attention can be devoted to the specialised nature of the text and to the layout (uneditable pictures, access to flow charts, etc.)

Passionate native speaker Management & HR translators

The translation is prepared by a translator (and wherever possible always the same translator) who has a (recognised) higher education degree (in translation and/or management) and at least 5 years' experience in translating management and HR documents. Our translators have the necessary know-how in a wide variety of sectors.

All our translations are revised and proofread.

Before a translation is sent to the client, it is carefully revised by an experienced editor, who checks for correct interpretation, grammar, spelling, terminology, style, layout, etc.

Every translation is supported by company-specific terminology that is in line with sectoral regulations, thanks to our translation memories or technical glossaries.

Reference materials (such as a terminology list, technical standards, applicable legislation, etc.) are consulted and used for the translation.

A thorough follow-up is a firm commitment on our part.

At AKIRA, quality control does not stop with the delivery of the translation. We are happy to receive your feedback so that for subsequent projects we can meet your expectations even more fully.

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Management and HR documents
that we have translated for clients

  • Workbooks for training centres
  • CVs
  • Management reports
  • Meeting reports
  • Job advertisements
  • Job descriptions
  • Workplace regulations

AKIRA Translations has a long history of working
with companies specialised in management and HR

  • Management, communication and sales training companies
  • Language training providers
  • HR departments of multinationals
  • Selection and recruitment agencies


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    Such service levels can only be appreciated.
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